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Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics


About the department


The Department of Pediatrics aspires to become leaders for change in health outcomes in the paediatric population in Vidarbha and neighbouring regions through enrolling different sections of healthcare service providers in the change process.
Our mission is to provide comprehensive care for children and their families with special emphasis on providing anticipatory care to parents and family, educate future pediatricians and pediatric specialists and to perform progressive research that will lead to health transformation in the society.
The staff is committed to updating their own knowledge and skill to an international standard and remain comparable with the best.

Scope of services

  • Department of Pediatrics at AIIMS Nagpur would like to be known for excellence in patient-centric health care, problem-centric research, learner-centric teaching and advocacy/capacity building to protect, promote, support and restore the health of newborns, children and adolescents
  • For healthcare we aim to provide evidence based advice and management to all children, well or sick, in OPD and for indoor patients. Not only doctors but our nursing staff are also actively engaged in development of treatment protocols and this helps the department to remain upto date with current international standards. Speciality clinics in Pediatrics Neurology, Developmental Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Hematology and Juvenile Diabetes are already fully operational and the department plans to start a few more speciality clinics in the current year. We provide the perfect blend of specialists care and a good basic generalist’s approach in clinical care. In the short time since the start of patient care services, we have diagnosed and managed some rare disorders in children using skills in pattern recognition and pattern deviation. The department has a tradition of grand rounds during which every symptom and sign is dissected till a consensus is reached and diagnostic dilemmas resolved. This not only helps in sharpening our clinical skills but also creates a positive learning environment in the department.
  • Any clinical acumen will tend to stagnate if it is not bolstered by good research. There is a strong research focus and research mandate in the department, with the result that within the first year of the department’s functioning, we have about seven research projects and  at least 12 publications at various stages of readiness. We are actively seeking out collaborative research with national and international research bodies in the field of developmental pediatrics, neonatology, general pediatrics and critical care.
  • There is a constant effort to make undergraduate teaching as innovative and effective as possible and the pediatric undergraduate curriculum reflects this philosophy. The pediatric log book has been designed to derive all the benefits of a portfolio while weeding out redundancy, highlights the importance of quality rather than quantity of patient interactions, encourages a deeper level of reflection and provides the opportunity to obtain meaningful feedback from clinical supervision.
  • The department has already started extension activities like specialist visits in an urban health center, and training of general public in basic life support skills. The long term aim is to be a center of excellence for skills training and capacity building for medical colleges and health facilities of central India.
  • The Department of Pediatrics has conducted webinars for doctors, nurses and parents on different topics during COVID pandemic and is regularly conducting educational and innovative programmes to celebrate various national days/ weeks for public awareness. Some of the programmes conducted so far include:
  1. Open forum on Rights of children with Disability
  2. Innovative Education Programme for children with Diabetes
  3. Online support programme for parents of children with Autism
  4. World Breastfeeding Week Day Celebration 
  5. AeIR (Autism Early Intervention & Referral) Workshop
  6. COVID 19 Pediatric nurses training workshop