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World Oral Health Day celebration at AIIMS Nagpur organized by department of dentistry on 20th March 2022

World Oral Health Day celebration at AIIMS Nagpur organized by department of dentistry on 20th March 2022


Oral health is the mirror of general health and its maintenance is as crucial as maintenance of general health. Creating public awareness, educating the population about the importance of oral health and disseminating the correct and accurate information is the main goal of celebrating World Oral Health Day every year on 20th March .
This day has its own importance as it beholds the duty on the oral health care givers of the nation to spread awareness about achieving good oral hygiene amongst the people. 
Looking back at few historical literatures, it has been proved that the importance to oral hygiene was given since ancient times.  Even before the dentists emerged, oral hygiene has been practiced in almost all the cultures. From using the primitive tools or aids like fish bones, feathers, quills to tree barks, sponges, woods, brandy and water, salt water etc to modern powered tooth brushes, various tools have been advocated for maintaining the oral hygiene. 
Oral diseases are such that it can develop at any age group and at any point of time. Considering  national and global burden of oral diseases in the form of dental caries/ tooth decay, periodontal disease, malocclusion and oral cancers,  this day should be celebrated to create robust oral health awareness amongst the population especially in rural areas . A good oral health will not only help in prevention of oral diseases but also improve the overall general health of the individual which shall reduce the overall social, psychological, and financial burden on the individual and the nation. 
Tips to maintain Oral Health
1.    Avoid high carbohydrate/ sugary/ processed food or beverages in between meals.
2.    Tobacco in any form should be strictly avoided.
3.    Avoiding Smoking and alcohol which disturbs the oral environment leading to dental diseases.
4.    Follow daily oral hygiene regimen: compulsorily brushing before going to bed.
5.    Visit your dentist every six months
6.    Parafunctional habits like thumb sucking, night grinding/ bruxism/ teeth clenching/ should be corrected through a dentist.
7.    Use of fluoridated toothpastes for cleaning teeth.

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