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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Street-play On Autopsy Awareness - Organized @ AIIMS Nagpur

As a part of forthcoming FORENSIC MEDICON in Jan 2024, Department of forensic medicine & toxicology conducted a street play to spread awareness among public regarding necessity of post mortem examination in various circumstances. The event was performed at premises of OPD building in vicinity of screening area. It grabbed attention of quite a few numbers of people and the curious onlookers were largely the relatives and attendants of the patient visiting OPD.

The participants of the Role play were enthusiastic second year MBBS students who executed the play exceptionally well. Emphasis was laid on explaining the legal formalities, officials involved and importance of autopsy in case suspected foul play. Autopsy also helps the medical practitioner to issue death certificate. The case that was presented for the play was “Dowry Death” where a young newly married woman was assaulted brutally by in-laws who eventually succumbed wherein later after meticulous post – mortem examination the actual cause of death could be determined. The role play was followed by explaining the queries of audience along with distribution of information leaflet.

Dr. Manish Shrigiriwar, Medical Superintendent conceptualized & designed the street play. On this occasion Dr. Harshal Thube, Assistant Professor, FMT welcomed all dignitaries & explained the theme of street play. Dr. Siddharth Dubhashi (Dean Student Welfare) Dr Sanjeev Choudhary, Deputy Medical Superintendent, Dr. Samir. Dwidmuthe, Professor & Head Orthopedic, Dr. Nitin Marathe, Associate Professor (Hospital Administration), Dr. Purvasha Narang, Associate Professor, Ophthalmology, Dr. Neelam Chandwani Associate Professor, Dental Department, Dr.Suyog Jaiswal graced the occasion. The dignitaries were welcomed with flowers bouquet by Dr. Manish Shrigiriwar & Dr. Mandar Sane.

The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Manish Shrigiriwar. For the success of the program Dr. Ashok Jiwane, Dr. Jayesh Dudhe, Dr. Jishnu V, Dr. Animesh Gupta, Dr. Priyanshu Garg, Mr. Shobhit Kapse, Miss. Prachi, Miss. Sandhya Wani, Miss. Vaishnavi, Mr.Sanket Giri , Mr. Lokshankar Megdarat Mr. Ishwar Chachane took efforts. At conclusion of the event the participant students were felicitated.