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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Pediatrics Faculty

Sr No Name Designation Email id
1 Dr Meenakshi Girish Professor
2 Dr Akash Bang Additional Professor
3 Dr Urmila Mangilal Chauhan Additional Professor 
4 Dr Shikha Jain Associate professor
5 Dr Abhijit Choudhary Associate professor
6 Dr Abhishek Deopriyam Madhura Associate professor
  Dr Rupali Moharkar Assistant Professor
7 Dr Sangeeta Das Senior Resident  
8 Dr Vasant Dhawas Senior Resident  
9 Dr Shubham Jaiswal Senior Resident  
10 Dr Komal Shivnani Senior Resident  
11 Dr Mrinmyee Deshmukh Senior Resident  
12 Dr Vinod Naik Senior Resident  
13 Dr Ketaki Lanjewar Senior Resident