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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) was constituted on 15/12/2018 to ensure a competent review of scientific and ethical aspects of the research project proposals received as per GCP guidelines and ICMR guidelines 2017. Committee is reconstituted on 02/11/2019 It is in the process of registration with department of Health and Biomedical research under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare which is mandatory as per DCGI guidelines.( March 2019).

The IEC reviews every research proposal and evaluates the possible risks to the subjects, expected benefits and adequacy of documentation for ensuring privacy, confidentiality and justice. The IEC takes care that all the cardinal principles of ethics in research viz. Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-malfeasance and Justice are taken care of in planning, conduct and reporting the proposed research.  For this purpose, the IEC looks into the aspects of informed consent process and risk benefit ratio.

Total 396 academic protocols & 49 regulatory protocols were reviewed and approved by the ethics committee. Out of 49 regulatory protocols, 25 protocols are ongoing, 14 protocols closed and 10 protocols terminated till date.

Composition of revised IEC is as follows.

Sr No. Position Name Designation Department Email ID
1 Chairman Dr  Radha Munje Outside Institute -
2 Member Secretary Dr Ganesh Dakhale Professor & Head Pharmacology
3 Clinician Dr Rajashree Khot Additional Professor General Medicine
4 Pharmacologist Dr Chaitali Chindhalore Associate Professor Pharmacology
5 Pharmacologist Dr Snehalata Gajbhiye Assistant Professor  Pharmacology
6 Clinician Dr  Abhijit Chaudhary Associate Professor Pediatrics
7 Basic Medical Scientist Dr Ashlesh patil Associate Professor Physiology
8 Legal Expert Adv. Narendra Thombre Outside Institute
9 Legal Expert Adv. Shilpa Barbate Outside Institute
10 Lay person Priya rathi Outside Institute
11 Lay person Mrs. Indra Nair Outside Institute
12 Social Scientist Mrs.Ashwini Girhe Outside Institute
13 Social Scientist Mr. Rajendra Chauragade Outside Institute