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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Nephrology Research

Publications for the year 2022: 

  • Prasad N, Chellapan A, Srivastava A, Bhadauria D, Kaul A, Patel M, Gupta A.ABO-incompatible repeat kidney transplantation: Coping with the 'twin immunological barrier'. Indian J Nephrol 2022;32:82-6

Publications for the year 2021: 

  • Sachin Ramesh Chaudhari, Anand Chellappan. What’s the next Antigen? The Antigen Odyssey of Membranous Nephropathy. Journal of the Nephrology Society.2021;3(1):25-29
  •  Puthiyottil D, Priyamvada PS, Kumar MN, Chellappan A, Zachariah B,Parameswaran S. Role of Urinary Beta 2 Microglobulin and Kidney Injury Molecule-1 in Predicting Kidney Function at One Year Following Acute Kidney Injury. Int J Nephrol Renovasc Dis. 2021 Jul 5;14:225-234. doi: 10.2147/IJNRD.S319933. PMID: 34267537; PMCID: PMC8275482.

Research project:-

IEC No. with date of approval Title  Principle investigator/ Co-investigator Grant Duration
Controlled evaluation of angiotensin
receptor blockers in COVID-19 respiratory
disease (CLARITY)
Dr.Anand Chellappan Dr.Satyajeet Sahoo
Dr.Prashant P Joshi
Extramural Trial terminated by sponsor
Comparison of routine office blood pressure measurement versus
standardized attended
oscillometric office blood pressure
measurement in patients with chronic kidneydisease
Ms.Keshiha Kansal(MBBS Student),Dr.Anand Chellappan ICMR-STS  Project