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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Forensic Research and Publications

Ongoing projects:

  1. Age estimation of living persons from the distal end of radius: Comparison of sonography with computed radiographs. 
  2. Efficacy of ‘Moot Court Module’ As a Pedagogical Tool in M.B.B.S Curriculum. 
  3. Retrospective Analysis and quality evaluation of Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCoD) issued at AIIMS Nagpur.

PG Thesis-

  1. Anthropometric study of the cephalo-facial parameters to study relationship with stature of individual.
  2. Age estimation by cranial suture fusion status of coronal, sagittal and lambdoidal suture using CT-Scan images.


  1. ‘Impact of COVID 19 vaccines on Mortality Ratios among COVID patients.’