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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

About Biochemistry


The vision of the Department of Biochemistry is to achieve excellence in teaching, patient care and research with a ‘bench to bedside’ approach. Various courses offered by the Department are: MD Biochemistry, PhD (Biochemistry), MSc (Biochemistry) and BSc MLT apart from teaching MBBS and BSc Nursing (Hons.) students. The department implements novel modalities of teaching alongside the routine teaching modalities to enhance learning experience of students. Flipped classroom, crossword tutorials, crossover groups, seminar competition and jigsaw tutorials were some of the modes used to cater knowledge. Moreover, the department tries to focus on clinical orientation and applications of biochemical phenomenon by vertical integration, by giving focus on objective structured practical examinations (OSPE), early clinical exposure sessions and frequent case discussions associated with each topic.

An exceptional and encouraging environment is provided to the students to prepare them for the next step in their careers by encouraging them to participate in genuine, challenging experiential learning activities involving state-of-the-art approaches and technologies through an interactive approach.

The Department is actively catering to patients by successfully running its own Clinical Biochemistry laboratory at ground floor of IPD building. The Department has procured various sophisticated analyzers to provide services to the OPD as well as admitted patients.

The Faculty from the Department have also excelled in the field of Research by bagging many intra and extra-mural projects. They are actively involved in various research projects and have more than 65 publications combined to their credit since 2018.