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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

About Biochemistry


Department of Biochemistry is dedicated to understanding the complexities of molecular and genetic mechanism of normal biochemical processes as well as biochemical basis of various human diseases through academics & research. It provides insight into gene-environment interactions and immunological aspect of diseases also.
The department aims to provide high quality teaching for enrichment of inquisitive minds of medical students through use of novel approaches such as Problem Based Learning (PBL), Small group clinical case discussions, Open Book Exercise, Poster competition, etc.
Our goal is to excel in research to provide new knowledge related to cellular processes & associated diseases and bring this knowledge from the bench to bed side. The Department is committed to promote research activities among undergraduate students also.


Scope of services 

  1. Teaching – First year MBBS 
  2. Patient care – Clinical Laboratory Services.
  3. Research – Art of excellence research environment


Courses offered

Currently department is offering MBBS course, MD Biochemistry and PhD in Medical Biochemistry.