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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Radio Diagnosis

About Department

               Radiodiagnosis is a branch of Medicine that utilizes radiation, ultrasound and magnetic resonance for diagnosis of diseases. It deals not only with imaging and diagnosis of diseases but also with therapeutic interventions for treatment of diseases. The Department of Radiodiagnosis at present consists of state of the art high end diagnostic machines in out patient department with two ultrasound machines, one digital radiography machine and one digital mammography machine and one mobile radiography machine.  

              The department will provide best and accurate diagnostic as well as guided therapeutic services to the community. In near future department is also aiming to establish the interventional radiology unit to carry out many vascular and non vascular interventional procedures. Many a times this helps the patients to avoid major surgical procedure and is life saving.

              The faculty of department is interested in doing various research works and publications besides clinical work. We aim to provide good training facilities to undergraduate and post graduate students and technicians by conducting teaching/training courses and time to time various workshops, CMEs (national and international).
               With advent of newer and newer technologies and software, Radiodiagnosis has become integral part in patient care for diagnosis. It has emerged from general radiology using basic x- rays to high end MRI machines. It not only plays vital role in diagnosis of particular disease but also offers therapeutic interventions pertaining to treatment aspect.

               Here at AIIMS Nagpur, the Department of Radiodiagnosis is committed to patient care and always aims to offer best diagnostic services.