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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

General Medicine Faculty


Sr No Name Designation Email id
1 Dr Prashant P Joshi Professor
2 Dr Sunita Kumbhalkar Professor
3 Dr Rajashree Sanjay Khot Associate Professor
4 Dr Amol Dube Associate Professor
5 Dr Udit Narang Associate Professor
7 Dr Rathod Bharat Sing Deorao Assistant Professor
8 Dr Keshao Nagpure Assistant Professor
9 Dr Ishan Verma Assistant Professor
10 Dr Nilesh Kamble Assistant Professor
11 Dr Onkar Awadhiya Assistant Professor  
12 Dr Saransh Gulabrao Barai Senior Resident
13 Dr Lokesh Mehram  Senior Resident
14 Dr Vivek Lade  Senior Resident
15 Dr Debashish Bala  Senior Resident
16 DrMithilesh Malviya Senior Resident
17 DrNeha Nikhade  Senior Resident