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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Sr Title Ref. No. Publish Date Last Submission Date Corrigendum
1 Notification for Auction of Old Newspapers AIIMS/NAG/LRC/2022/34(A-1) 27/09/2023 04:45pm 07/10/2023 11:00am
2 Notice inviting quotations for Reusable Neonatal Rubber Probe and Reusable SpO2 extension cable at AIIMS Nagpur A I I MS/NGP/peds/23-24/01 27/09/2023 03:50pm 17/10/2023 05:00pm
3 Notice Inviting Tender Engagement of agency for providing security services on job outsourcing basis at AIIMS, Nagpur. AIIMS-NAG/Admin/Security Services/OTE/2023-24/06 15/09/2023 11:05am 12/10/2023 03:00pm
4 Rate contract for supply of Batch Kit and Patient Kit for Nuclear Medicine Department at AIIMS Nagpur AIIMS/NAG/Hosp/NM/23-24/Cons/07 14/09/2023 12:40pm 12/10/2023 03:00pm
5 Annual Rate contract for supply of Accessories for Medical Equipment in Neonatology Department at AIIMS Nagpur AIIMS-NAG/HOS-store/NEO/23-24/06 14/09/2023 12:15pm 12/10/2023 03:00pm
6 Notice Inviting Tender Empanelment of event management agency for organising various types of events at AIIMS,Nagpur AIIMS-NAG/Event.Mgmt/23-24/OTE/05 13/09/2023 04:00pm 05/10/2023 03:00pm
7 Projections of Purchase for Next 3 to 5 Years-AIIMS Nagpur - 20/05/2023 12:40pm 31/03/2028 05:00pm