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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Institutional Ethics

Sr No. Position Name Designation Department Email ID
1 Chairman Dr  Radha Munje Outside Institute -
2 Member Secretary Dr Ganesh Dakhale Professor & Head Pharmacology
3 Clinician Dr Rajashree Khot Associate professor General Medicine
4 Pharmacologist Dr Chaitali Chindhalore Assistant Professor Pharmacology
5 Clinician Dr  Abhijit Chaudhary Assistant Professor Pediatrics
6 Basic Medical Scientist Dr Ashlesh patil Assistant Professor Physiology
7 Legal Expert Adv. Narendra Thombre Outside Institute
8 Legal Expert Adv. Shilpa Barbate Outside Institute
9 Lay person Priya rathi Outside Institute
10 Lay person Mrs. Indra Nair Outside Institute
11 Social Scientist Mrs.Ashwini Girhe Outside Institute
12 Social Scientist Mr. Rajendra Chauragade Outside Institute