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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

About Transfusion Medicine


Transfusion medicine is a field of medicine that is a hybrid of laboratory and clinical practices. A clinical field that encompasses all the fields of medical field under one roof, with its life saving decisions and BLOOD. Comprehensive in its scope, the division includes a high-volume clinical blood bank laboratory and an immunohematology reference laboratory. The Transfusion Medicine Division is one of the busiest services of its kind in India. It basically ensures safe availability of blood and blood components including aspects related to hemovigilance and ensuring blood donations from regular voluntary non-remunerated blood donors.
The Department of Transfusion Medicine established in March, 2020, aims to build a state-of-art facility for the blood transfusion services. The department also intends to start the diagnostic services, including specialized test mostly performed at reference laboratory for Immunohematology, which will provide resolution of complex serology, access to the rare donor blood groups. The department also provides consultation services in patient blood management and other specialities of the blood bank, platelet antibody testing and molecular testing for red cell antigens. In keeping with the mission of the hospital, the Division of Transfusion Medicine is actively involved in medical education and research. We aim to train medical and para-medical personnel in related areas and to function as an apical medical and research department in the country in this field.



“Drops of Life and Hope for a Dying Cove,
Prayers wrapped in Transparent White Cloak,
No tears, no money can replace this Soul,
Indeed, it is the Greatest Gift that Man can bestow.”