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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

About Plastic Surgery

About The Department

Who says Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is only for the elite. The scope of Plastic surgical applications is tremendous. The common notion among the masses that Plastic surgery just entails beautification and aesthetic improvements especially in the elite strata of society is completely erroneous. Aesthetics is just a facet in plastic surgery. Deformity Correction is the term which can wholly define the scope of plastic surgery. Deformity can be anything. It can be anatomical, functional or a perceived deformity. Correction of deformities is the art of plastic surgery.

The Department of Plastic Surgery at AIIMS, Nagpur aims to provide high level of treatment options for deformity correction of any nature to all strata of patient. So, This may include children with congenital deformities of any kind, a post burn patient requiring functional and or aesthetic rehabilitation or a patient requiring total changeover of body aesthetics.

Thus the department of Burns and Plastic Surgery strives to break the notion that Plastic Surgery id for the rich and provide exceptional plastic surgical treatment options to the common masses especially who may not be able to afford it.