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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Dentistry Research and Publication

Ongoing Projects:

  • Oral alterations and oral health related quality of life assessment in asthmatic patients at a tertiary care centre : A cross sectional study. (PI: Dr N. Chandwani)
  • Correlation of Dermatoglyphics with various Oral features in Indian Population: A hospital based cross sectional study. (PI: Dr Neelam. Chandwani)
  • Hypoxia Inducing Factor ( HIF) 1 alpha levels as a diagnostic biomarker for high risk potentially malignant lesions in oral cavity. (PI: Dr Neelam. Chandwani)
  • Cross sectional study to investigate correlation between self rated oral health and simplified oral Hygiene Index among Patients reporting to Dental OPD. (PI: Dr GR Jadhav)
  • Assessment of effect of low-level laser therapy on Hegu acupoint for inferior alveolar nerve block success in teeth with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis in patients reporting to dental OPD: a prospective randomized clinical trial (PI: Dr GR Jadhav)


Recent publications: (2020 to 2022)


Dr. Neelam Chandwani Bajaj:

  • Neelam D. Chandwani, Neetu Maurya, Pradnya Nikhade, Jaya Chandwani. Comparative Evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of calcium hydroxide and triple antibiotic paste with bromelain against E. Faecalis. An in Vitro study. J Conserv Dent 2022;25:63-7.
  • Chandwani, N.; Dabhekar, S.; Selvi, K, et al. Oral Tissue Involvement and Probable Factors in Post‐  COVID‐19 Mucormycosis Patients: A Cross‐Sectional Study. Healthcare 2022, 10, 912.
  • Dolly R. Jagyasi, Neelam D. Chandwani, Mohit K. Gunwal, ,Aastha S. Ranka . Antimicrobial efficacy of Acacia Nilotica (Babul) Extract and its effectiveness in Disinfecting Gutta Percha Cones - An In Vitro Study. Indian Journal Of Dental Research 2021;32(2): 221-225
  • Chandwani N, Ranka A, Jadhav GR,et al.Effect of various single file systems on microcrack formation in root canals: Scanning electron microscope study. Dent Res J 2021;18(1):52.
  • Nikhade P, Bajaj N, Paul P, Sedani S. Follow‑up of Endodontically Treated Teeth without Crown Coverage in Vidarbha Region: A Long‑Term Retrospective Cohort Study. J Datta Meghe Inst Med Sci Univ 2021;16:433-6
  • Chandwani N, Shrigiriwar M, Jaiswal S. V, Dwidmuthe S. Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) towards social distancing in pandemic Covid 19 among construction workers in Central India. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology. 2021;25(6):19746-19757
  • Jadhav GR, Mittal P, Bajaj NC, Banerjee S. Are YouTube videos on regenerative endodontic procedure reliable source for patient edification?: Saudi Endod J 2022;12:43-9.
  • chandwani, M. pawar, M. yuwanati, Tupkari. Histological evaluation to study the effects of dental amalgam and composite restoration on human dental pulp: An in vivo study. Medical Principles and Practice, vol-23, issue- 1, 2014
  • Vandana Gade, Dr. Neelam Bajaj, et al . Mucormycosis: Tsunami of Fungal Infection after Second Wave of COVID 19. Annals of Roman.Society for Cell Biology. 2021;25(6):7231-7238.
  • N Chandwani, D Jagyasi, V Gade, S Kolhe, N. Mankar, S. Kosta In-Vitro evaluation of temperature increase on the external root surface during root canal shaping using Single file system.  Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI) 2021; 12 (8):4014-40