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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Name: Dr Al-Iqyan Juzar Fidvi

Designation:Assistant Professor

Awards and Fellowships:

1.Gold Medalist and University Topper, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MUHS 2017

2.Fellowship of Hand and Microsurgery, Vedant Hospital, Nashik


1.Free Flap versus Pedicled Flap Reconstruction for Oral Cavity Malignancies: Treatment algorithm based on our experience with 37 cases in our institute ,SagarGundewar, Al-IqyanFidvi, Richa Goyal, Manoj Pawar,  Parmeshwar Satapatty ,JMSCR Vol||04||Issue||12||Page 14332-14341||December.

2.An intraoperative dilemma: Absent PL with abnormal insertion with FCR. Al-Iqyan Juzar Fidvi, Mariya Shirpurwala. Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, 2020;2:116-121.

3.Single stage tongue reconstruction in early malignant lesions (T2-T3) with islanded nasolabial flap; reliable alternative to FRAFF in rural setup. R. Goyal,  Iqyan Juzar Fidvi, CV Singh, D Gupta, P Gupta. Indian Journal of Surgery, 2020:1-6.

4.Sural nerve schwannoma: a case report. Chandrakant R. Gharwade, Al-IqyanFidvi J., AmeyaBindu,  Shamol Banerjee, Pranav G.Jawde. Int Surg J. 2015 Nov;2(4):746-748 DOI:

5.Forearm intramuscular tuberculosis of flexor digitorum profundus: a case report. Chandrakant C. Gharwade, Pranav G. Jawade, Shamol Banerjee, Ameya Bindu, Al-IqyanFidvi J., Shweta C. GharwadeInt Surg J. 2015 Nov;2(4):741-745. DOI:

6.Study of laparoscopic retroperitoneal pyeloplasty. Raj Gajbhiye, Bhupesh Harish Tirpude, Hemant Bhanarkar, Al-IquanFidvi, AmbrishShamkuwar. Int Surg J. 2015 Feb;2(1):53-59. DOI: 10.5455/2349-2902.isj20150210

7.Three Points of Anchoring Technique For Securing Nasal Endotracheal Intubation in Maxillofacial And Oral Surgeries. Dr. Banerjee Shamol, Dr.Chandrakant R. Gharwade, Dr. Mukund Parchandekar, Dr.Ameya Bindu, Dr.Fidvi Al-IquanJ.Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.6, Issue : 4 April 2016 DOI : 10.36106/ijar

8.Our Experience in this COVID-19 Pandemic – A unique perspective of Department of Plastic Surgery at a Government run Institution. Surendra Bhagwatrao Patil, Al-Iqyan Juzar Fidvi, Vivek G Supaha, Shrikant Vilas Pingale, Neha Gupta, Ashish Mahadeorao Warhekar. Innovative Journal of Medical and Health Science (I Jour Med Health Science). 2020;10(09): 1268−1277.

9.Self-harm and Suicide- A COVID-19 Pandemic fallout. Surendra Bhagwatrao Patil, Al-Iqyan Juzar Fidvi, Siddharth Sunil Keswani, Ashish Mahadeorao Warhekar, Khushboo Nilesh Kadakia, Neha Gupta. International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research (IJSSHR) 2020, October - December;8(4):278-284.