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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

AIIMS Nagpur Introduces State-of-the-Art Brachytherapy Facility for Comprehensive Cancer Care

AIIMS Nagpur is proud to announce the launch of its advanced brachytherapy facility, significantly enhancing its range of oncological services. This new addition ensures that over 90% of cancer patients, who typically require radiotherapy, can now receive comprehensive radiation oncology care under one roof. Under the leadership of Executive Director and CEO, Prof. Dr P. P. Joshi, AIIMS Nagpur has invested in cutting-edge technology to improve cancer treatment outcomes. The Radiation Oncology department now houses a brachytherapy machine valued at approximately INR 2 crores and a high-energy linear accelerator worth around INR 20 crores. This substantial investment underscores AIIMS Nagpur's commitment to providing top-tier oncology care. Brachytherapy, a sophisticated method of delivering highly conformal radiotherapy, uses a radioactive source to precisely target cancerous areas. This technique preserves organ function, improves cosmetic outcomes, and enhances patient survival rates, with significantly less toxicity compared to standard external radiotherapy.

In addition to improving survival rates, AIIMS Nagpur emphasizes the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. Recognizing the psychosocial and financial challenges faced by cancer fighters, the Radiation Oncology department has introduced several supportive initiatives:

  • Shravan bal Kendra:- A support centre for cancer.
  • Ankur:- A self help group offering recreational activities to boost the psychological and financial well-being of cancer fighters and their families.
  • Tilottama:-An oncology support centre specifically for couresans, addressing the unique risks of cervical cancer and associated social stigmas.

AIIMS Nagpur invites patients, volunteers, and NGOs to collaborate in this noble cause, striving together for a healthier, stronger India.